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Tuesday, June 21, 2005


I was gone three weeks. I know that time passed while I was gone, but for some reason I thought that nothing here would be different when I returned. It is, though. I'm noticing it in subtle and obvious, insignificant and deeply important ways. Here are a few things that have changed since I left for Africa:
-We have a new pastor at the church.
-Certain trees with white flowers are blooming.
-They're playing new songs on the radio.
-My office is freshly painted and the furniture has been rearranged.
-They now make Diet Coke with Splenda.
-A friend started dating someone.
-My roommate is leaving in less than a month to go to Sri Lanka on a mission trip.
-All of the people living in our apartment are now 26 years old.
-My friends' friend died.
-All of the wood benches at Woodridge Park have been stained.
-Lake Woodlands has a newly created peninsula jutting into it.
-My friend and his fiance bought a house.
-There is a new shopping center being constructed on Sawdust Rd.
-My cousin Sandy set a wedding date.
Time doesn't stand still. Things are always changing.


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