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Friday, June 10, 2005

The Poor Give Generously

Those who have little give much, can't pay the p.o. box cost, yet they send tangible love over the rough road.
Clothes cast off, taken by unwashed hands.
Bring your hands by my chin, let my falling tears cleanse the dirt and dust that covers your palms, it will make us both clean again.

The woman in this photo is the one who inspired Marcel Kafusha and the UCZ Siavonga Main Congregation to start reaching out to the people at Mpango preaching point with not only the Word of God, but also material goods to meet their physical needs. When he met her the first time, she was holding both of her twins in her arms. Women usually carry their babies with a chitenge, a long piece of fabric that can be used so the mother's hands are free. This woman had two babies and zero chitenges. Marcel encouraged his congregation to have their first clothing drive so that the next time they went to Mpango, they would not arrive empty-handed. When we arrived this time, she only had one child. The other had died on their way to the hospital for treatment.


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