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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

I Felt Like Forrest

Last night I felt like I could have run forever... Seriously, my body didn't want to stop. I came to an intersection and stood to let a car pass, but my muscles propelled me forward just barely after the car whizzed by. The blood was pumping through my veins and the endorphins were flowing freely. I felt so energized. The air was warm and when I sucked in the humidity it coated my lungs in a way that never made me feel short of breath. After mile 6 it was getting dark and I knew I had to head back home soon. I tried to start my cool down by walking but it actually felt uncomfortable to walk. I felt like I was going in slow motion and I needed to move faster just to keep up with myself. I had no choice but to start jogging again. I thought I would trick my body into getting tired, so rather than try to slow down--that obviously wasn't working--I sped up. I started sprinting, thinking that it would make me so worn out that I'd have to stop and walk. Not really... I kept going about another mile. It was the strangest thing I've ever experienced. After running 7 miles straight, I still felt like I could have run longer. However, I started to walk for my cool down, which was about another mile. Every inch of me was drenched with sweat (even though the sun wasn't out, it was still close to 90 degrees) and I needed to cool down before entering the frigid air of the apartment. I didn't want my muscles to tense up, so I put on my swimsuit and walked over to the pool to wash off the sweat and stretch my muscles by swimming a few laps. It was phenomenal. I really wonder how much farther I could have gone...


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