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Thursday, July 21, 2005

An Important Blog

I don't have any links to other blogs on the right side of the screen. No reason, really, I just don't. But if I did, this one I'm telling you about would be on it. Will you please visit the site and, if you do list other noteworthy blogs on yours, will you please add it? It would mean so much to my friend and all the imprisoned boys he is working with.

Tim is living in South Africa right now and he has been involved in a literacy program in the prison, working with young men ages 17-22. They write, in a wide variety of styles and on a range of subjects. They want their words to be read. They want an opportunity to be heard and you have the chance to do that for them. Jesus tells us that when we visit those who are imprisioned, we visit him. Maybe you can't physically go and see these young men, but going to spend time with their souls in written form does honor them in the same way. I hope you'll take some time to extend yourself outwardly in that way for their sake. How will they know if you did or not? Well, that's not really the point, but there is a comments section. How encouraging would it be for them to read that people all over the world are reading what they have to say and are caring enough to remark on it? Imagine that, my friends. That's powerful.

Youth Speak From Pollsmoor Prison


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