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Wednesday, August 31, 2005


I have heard much about the way Katrina has ravaged areas in Louisiana and Mississippi but I haven't seen any images yet. Currently, I don't have a t.v. so I haven't seen the news footage that I'm sure has been showing the awful scenes that are unfortunately reality for many. Getting lunch today, I overheard people from New Orleans talking about the homes they've abandoned and the lives they've left behind. One man was planning to drive back to hopefully salvage (for his new bride) the tangible memories of their recent wedding. I overheard discussions debating whether or not to keep paying the mortgage on a house that was surely destroyed. Insurance questions, moving issues, how long will they be stranded? It's not everyday that a mother talks about moving in to her daughter's college dorm room, yet finds out that's not even a possibility because the roommate's family is already living there... This storm has turned people's lives upside down. The Astrodome is a housing shelter. People are displaced in their own country. People wonder "why?" and there are no answers. I wonder if the Youth Mission Tour we had been planning in New Orleans for next summer will still happen. Will this event cause our trip to be that much more crucial and appreciated, or will the agency we were planning to work with cease to exist as a result of the flooding? I don't know. So much is left unknown right now. I can't even imagine how people are coping. It is amazing to see people step into action as much as they can, though. The way Houston is working to serve the people that are seeking refuge here is amazing. Maybe through this God will remind us that we need to take care of each other.


Anonymous anna said...

hey ruth its anna. i was hoping you would know of some ways for me to get into contact with the red cross or something because i really want to volunteer. perhaps we should do it has a youth group next weekend or something

September 01, 2005 5:59 PM

Blogger Ruth said...

Hey, Anna! Thanks for leaving a comment... Yes, we will be doing some hands-on relief this week. There are multiple people to contact for different areas in which to assist: (all of their numbers are in the church directory, call me if you don't have access to one)
-Red Cross Shelter (these are 8 hour shifts and only open to adults, though): Jullie Jones (Sylvia Campbell in charge until Jullie returns from her mother-in-law's funeral)
-Work with hotel guests at Marriott Residence Inn II: Suzanne Adams
-Buckets of Love: Gordy Lentz
-Cash & Pre-paid cards: bring them to church (we'll have an offering tonight at youth group)

September 04, 2005 1:36 PM


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