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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Ecclesia is...

...so much more than church. It's an event, an experience, a community that I look forward to joining every time I can. Sunday evenings are transformed when I get to go, and I am transformed as a result of being there with everyone.

It's not just the worship service, you see.

The car ride down is a time for conversation. This time I got to ride and talk with Danielle and our conversation extended as we sat in traffic on I-45. It didn't bother me at all that we were late to church because I thoroughly enjoyed our chance to talk and get to know one another.

The worship service is a time to praise with songs and prayers, hear truth, celebrate the sacrament of communion, and experience our living God through it all.

The lingering moments in the sanctuary after church are a time to catch up with people, meet new friends, observe grace-filled personal interaction among individuals, watch kids gleefully run among the pews or bang on dad's drum set. And, of course, that time after church is necessary to decide where we're going to go eat.

The meal after church is a holy part of the evening in its own right. Fellowship, conversation, laughter, and ideas are all shared so freely. There is never any pretending, never any expectations to fill with each other. We just are. We are ourselves and we are whatever we are at that moment--whether that is happy, sad, tired, worried, confused, or any of the other feelings that fall within the spectrum of the human experience.

The car ride home is another chance to connect with a smaller group of people. Music and conversation vary, but typically neither one stops for a moment because we're so eager to get in as much as we can before we all drive our separate ways once we reach the Sawdust Rd. Starbuck's parking lot.

It's real. That's what Ecclesia is to me. It is so refreshing to me and I'm going to miss it in a few weeks when I have to stop going on Sunday nights.


Anonymous tz said...

why will you have to stop going??? youth obligations in the fall?

August 08, 2005 11:14 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

and sometimes...we are even so laidback that we don't zip up our pants.

August 08, 2005 3:01 PM

Blogger Ruth said...

Yes, youth ministry on Sunday nights at WCPC. Where were you last night?

August 08, 2005 3:10 PM

Anonymous tz said...

at the lake w/ 3 of my best friends up in Dallas...it was great.

August 08, 2005 4:46 PM

Blogger Justin said...

like you ever bother checking your pants anyway, anony.

August 09, 2005 4:34 PM


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