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Friday, August 12, 2005

German Engineering

Today I saw two brand new Audis on the road. (sigh) It reminded me of a funny moment that I'd like to share with you, to reveal how sometimes my girl hard-wiring gets mixed up with some of the, uh, less-typically-girly attributes I posess.

Carrie and I were sitting through movie previews, waiting for the feature presentation to start. A preview for Transporter 2 came on. The first image is a slow-motion shot of a man in a suit, sauntering past the front grill of his car.
We both let out a noticeable gasp and Carrie says, "So. Hot."
I said, "I. Know. I absolutely love Audis."
"Uh, Ruth, I was talking about the guy."
"Well, yeah, he's good looking, too."
The Audi A8 W12 fishtails and changes direction to evade the one chasing it, and then the engine revs ferociously when it lands on the ground after being airborn.
"Wow," I exclaim.
"You're talking about the car again, aren't you?"
"I can't help it. It's just so beautiful..."

So, when that movie does come out, I'll have to go with people who won't make fun of me for the strong possibility that I'll be drooling over the car more than the man driving it. But he's definitely hot, too. Mostly because he's driving an A8. Just kidding...


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